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About Cimbria


Cimbria is one of the world’s leading companies within industrial processing, handling and storage of grain and seed, as well as animal feed, foodstuffs and other bulk products.

Pipe and Valves

Easy Assembly

Pipe and Valves

Pipe and Valves

Easy Assembly


  • Cimbria’s product range of piping, sliding valves and valves covers square piping for the gravity flow of grain and other free-flowing products..
  • Square spouting provides higher capacity in relation to cross section. Square spouting also means less friction and therefore requires shallower angles than round ducts which, in turn, means lower built-in height.
  • The grain piping product range also includes various types of valves for diverting the flow of material, a number of sliding valves, bends, junction boxes, grain brakes and various types of wear-liners.

Product Overview


The type denomination refers to the square cross section of the spout, e.g. a Q16 has an external dimension of 160 mm x 160 mm.

Q16, Q20 and Q24 with flange and clip assembly.

Q30, Q40 and Q55 with flange assembly.

Standard and modular production ranging from Q16 to Q55 for up to 1,500 t/h wheat.

Piping/chutes in modular design. PEHD or HARDOX wear liner can be added where needed.

Bends are located in the piping system where falling grain will attain high speed, as this will result in unacceptable product damage and/or wear of the piping.

Standard modular design ranging from 7° to 52°.

Grain speed reducers.

Rotary Valves

The air-lock valve is used for discharge of dust and other separated particles from systems working with vacuum or pressure. It is dustproof and is used as a pressure block between a cyclone and a dust collecting bag.

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At Cimbria, we design, develop, manufacture and install custom-built solutions, from complete processing lines to large turnkey projects with highly advanced automation and management information systems.