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Cimbria is one of the world’s leading companies within industrial processing, handling and storage of grain and seed, as well as animal feed, foodstuffs and other bulk products.

Industrial Application Sorters

Sorting Solutions for Plastic, Salt, Minerals, Metals and Glass

Industrial Application Sorters

Industrial Application Sorters

Sorting Solutions for Plastic, Salt, Minerals, Metals and Glass


  • Wide variety of sorters and configurations enables Cimbria to offer the ideal machine for different industrial applications (plastic, salt, minerals, metals, glass, etc.).
  • Allowing the recovery of added-value ground plastic, flakes and granules.
  • Widely used in recycling plants that process PVC window profiles, PET bottles, hdPE, WEE, car scraps (Abs, Pmma, Pc, Pp, etc.) and other materials.

PET Processing Plant

Plastisavio - Italy

Plastisavio's business focuses on the production of PET laminates, made with 80% R-PET, for thermoformed food packaging. Plastisavio has recently invested in a Cimbria processing plant to recover high-quality PET post-consumer materials. The plant, entirely designed and supplied by Cimbria, optimizes the cleaning and sorting process of PET flakes.

Plastic recycling plant

Forever Plast S.p.A - Italy

This new recycling processing plant includes seven SEA optical sorting machines that efficiently select polymers and colors in the same processing line. Five SEA.IQ PLUS and two SEA.HY optical sorters ensure the best sorting of polyethylene from polypropylene and other polymers, and separate them into different color streams. This targeted sequence of optical sorters and its output is revolutionary in the plastic recycling sector. The plant plays an important role in the circular economy of plastic recycling in Italy.

To learn more about this leading company in the plastic recycling industry’s recent ambitious project, revolutionizing the sorting and purification process of HDPE and PP flakes using Cimbria’s world-leading optical sorting technology, click here.

Industrial Application Optical Sorters

Cimbria sorting machines find a perfect application in mineral working plants, allowing detection of the slightest difference in colour and shade on material sized from 0.2 to 25 mm.

On metals such as copper, brass, lead, steel, aluminium, etc., SEA optical sorters allow their classification by type of material on the basis of their colour.

Special versions are available in Stainless Steel AISI 316, or with a vertical feeding system.


Our Most Advanced Design
Our most innovative optical sorter. Powered by AI, it uses an advanced set of cameras offering the highest accuracy with extreme sorting precision.


More than Full-color
Advanced cameras combined with NIR and InGaAs technology for improved efficiency and exceptional quality.


Hyper Performance
The ideal solution for food sorting and the recycling industry.


High-Tech Made Easy
Meet strict food industry standards in this easy to use machine.

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