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Cimbria is one of the world’s leading companies within industrial processing, handling and storage of grain and seed, as well as animal feed, foodstuffs and other bulk products.


Modern Coating Technology

Centricoater coating seed


Modern Coating Technology


  • Increased growth ability of seed.
  • Designed for coating value-added seeds with costly seed treatments.
  • Ensures continuous batch operation utilising a highly accurate inlet scale together with a highly accurate chemical dosing system controlled by a PLC.
  • Provides improved seed coverage and more uniform distribution of treatment material on the seed compared to traditional continuously operating drum or screw-type coaters.

Cimbria Centricoater

The Centricoater optimizes the consumption of chemical agents and the impact on the environment, by reducing the use of raw materials.  

The results are homogenous coated seeds, which have improved growth ability and meet the international standards for certified seeds.

The smart use of the coating slurries reduces the processing costs, with a very short pay-off period for Cimbria Centricoaters.

Product Overview

Centricoater Automatic

The “compact” Centricoater series is designed for easy installation at the customer’s site. Each Centricoater is pre-wired from the factory and delivered pre-tested. After connecting the grain pipes (for filling and discharging), main electric power supply, compressed air, dosing line piping and the prepared cables for each item – plug and play – the Centricoater is ready for operation.

Centricoater Semiautomatic

The “semiautomatic” series allows an easy entry to batch coating technology. Available with two drum sizes, this type is equipped with a PLC operated electrical panel with touch display. Automated scale is not part of the hardware. All other hardware (mixing drum, dosing line) are fully automated, enabling the automated coating of single batches.

Centricoater Lab

The standard lab-coaters are designed for the manual coating of small quantities of seeds in laboratories or breeding stations. All products and their quantities are prepared manually by the operator before filling into the lab-coater. The operator’s timing, filling and discharging of the mixing drum is all done manually.


Model Mixing Drum Size Capacity (referred to what)
CC10 10 kg max. 1,6 t/h
CC20 25 kg max. 4,1 t/h
CC50 50 kg max. 8,1 t/h
CC150 150 kg max. 13,5 t/h
CC250 250 kg max. 22,5 t/h
CC250DUO 250 kg x2 max. 45 t/h
CC20/50 L 25/50 kg max. 4,1 t/h
max. 8,1 t/h
CC LAB 2 kg -
CC10 LAB 10 kg -
CC10/20 - S 10 kg -

Technical data can vary due to continued development or a different machine composition.

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