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Ear Corn Dryer

Customized for your requirements

Ear Corn Dryer

Ear Corn Dryer

Customized for your requirements


  • Modular built system, available as single or double pass dryer.
  • Bin sizes: 75, 106 and 147 m^3.
  • Designed for energy efficient drying and short installation time.

Product Overview


Ear Corn Drying

Handling, drying and processing of ear corn requires in-depth knowledge to avoid damage to the seeds and to preserve the germination ability.

Single Pass Drying

The single pass reversing dryer is constructed with two rows of drying bins arranged opposite each other. The area between the bins is used for transport of the ear corn out the dryer and each bin has its own independent heating source and drying ventilator. 

Advantages of single pass dryer: 

  • Very flexible as each bin has its own ventilator and temperature control. Further, it can be individually controled. 
  • Useful for different hybrids with different drying temperatures.

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Double Pass Drying

The double pass dryer is also constructed with two rows of drying bins arranged opposite each other. 
The drying bins have a common heating source and drying ventilators, which are installed at both ends of the dryer. 

Advantages of double pass dryer: 

  • Low power consumption
  • Low capital cost

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