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Cimbria is one of the world’s leading companies within industrial processing, handling and storage of grain and seed, as well as animal feed, foodstuffs and other bulk products.

Giant Bucket Elevator Supplied In Ukraine

Agriculture is not only the most dynamically developing industry in Ukraine, but it is also becoming more and more export oriented. According to the latest statistics, Ukraine ranked first in the world for the export of sunflower oil, and sixth for the export of grain and oilseed. The rapid increase in transshipment operations determined the need to increase storage capacities in port terminals and the productivity of transshipment equipment.

In recent years, Cimbria was among the first companies on the Ukrainian market with the capability to offer high performance solutions.

Cimbria has recently set two records:
We manufactured, supplied and installed a bucket elevator with a high capacity of 1200 t/h and a height of 30 m.

The largest capacity previously supplied to Ukraine was 1000 t/h. The customer also required the elevator to be self-supporting and as energy efficient as possible.

As a result, completely new technologies were developed and applied in the design of this equipment, namely:
- buckets from PEHD, stronger and lighter than metal, was used to reduce energy consumption;
- the bucket elevator was installed in a windy port but the client required a self-supporting structure. Cimbria strengthened the elevator body and - rather than using one typical 180 kW gear motor - used two 90 kW gear motors. Mounted on one drive shaft from opposite sides with synchronous start-up, this solution made it possible to balance and evenly distribute the load.

We were aware from the beginning that these solutions carried risk. However, the project was implemented successfully and the customer is satisfied with the bucket elevator’s operation. In fact, he plans on purchasing 20 more similar elevators in the near future.