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Maize Sheller

Separation for High Germination Rates

Maize Sheller

Maize Sheller

Separation for High Germination Rates


  • Designed for gentle separation of maize kernels from the cobs and removal of rachis.
  • Application in the seed processing sector, where maize cobs are harvested as a whole unit.
  • In the processing plant, the machine is positioned after husking and cob drying.
  • Removes the kernels in the gentlest possible way by rubbing the cobs against each other without any risk of harming the germination capacity of the sensitive maize seed.

Product Overview

Maize Sheller

Gentle shelling is accomplished by the pressure provided by the rotor causing the ear corn to rub together and the smooth round ribs.

A spring-controlled retaining flap with variable pressure serves to adjust the counter pressure to the outflow. This allows the rotor to maintain an acceptable level of ear corn to assure completely uniform and gentle shelling.


Delta Seed Corn Sheller

The CIMBRIA Corn Sheller type 191 is specially designed for gentle shelling, scalping and pre-cleaning of husked ear seed corn. Gentle shelling is accomplished by the action of rotor pegs against corn during compression and low rotor r.p.m. After shelling, the kernels are screened. 

The machine is complete with 3 rows of screens with 1.250 mm working width.

Total of 9 m2 screen area.

The 2 top layers of screens will work as scalping decks with discharge trays at the front of the machine.

1 layer of sand screens in the bottom.

Complete with 2.2 kW fix speed motor placed on the right side for the eccentric system.

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