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Cimbria is one of the world’s leading companies within industrial processing, handling and storage of grain and seed, as well as animal feed, foodstuffs and other bulk products.

Supplying the Norwegian Market

Mysen Kornsilo and Moelle

Some years ago we commenced a pilot project with Mysen Kornsilo og Mølle, the aim of which was to find a solution for the future expansion of their animal feed production, whilst at the same time ensuring that production could continue uninterrupted during a period of construction and that the first step, which involved new finished goods silos, could be taken.

Silo ceiling at Mysen Moelle

Following further preparatory work and a number of discussions, a solution was found with two main elements: a new production line for animal feed, built in a “tower” with the mixer at the top and the cooler at the bottom, such that it was only the ground raw materials that needed to be lifted before the finished pellets were produced, and a new finished goods silo providing efficient loading of trucks without the trucks having to be moved. The solution in this case is a battery of silos located above a weighbridge on which the trucks stop, while underneath the silos a mobile discharging unit ensures rapid and dust-free loading of the trucks.

The new finished goods facility has been built and was commissioned in summer 2017. An important detail for Mysen was to ensure that the pellets were as far as possible dust-free, and as such a screen is mounted on the top of the silo battery. This screen is located facing the future production tower, such that the residue that has been filtered out is returned directly to production.

The total capacity of the silo is 940 m3 . The unloading conveyors have a capacity of approximately 120 tonnes per hour, and the loading chutes are equipped with powerful extraction in order to prevent dust emission.

Following completion of the facility, a new weigher and dosing unit have been installed such that the previous finished goods silos are now used as raw material and weighing silos in the factory, which means that the raw material side has also been upgraded at the same time.