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Cimbria is one of the world’s leading companies within industrial processing, handling and storage of grain and seed, as well as animal feed, foodstuffs and other bulk products.

Cimbria expands its green coffee activities in South America

The South American coffee branch is one of the most promising markets for Cimbria, who is currently focusing on expanding its activities in this region. Solutions for green coffee processing are important lines of business for Cimbria and have great potential for further expansion.

Since 2019, Cimbria has been present in South America to strengthen its position in the green coffee processing market. This is a natural expansion of the establishment of Cimbria as a key player in the global green coffee market. Cimbria already has a market share of approximately 80 percent in Ethiopia, Africa’s biggest producer of coffee, and experiences from this market are extremely valuable for the South American expansion:

- We focus on helping our clients grow their green coffee businesses in the best possible way. We focus on high-volume plants for coffee exporters, larger coffee cooperatives, and specialty coffee processing lines. Our Ethiopian success is built on solid and long-term representatives and customer relations with local service teams as one of the most vital parts of our business and a main reason for success. Thus, establishing local service teams in South America is also a vital part of our expansion plans, explains Stefan Lautner, Cimbria Sales Manager in South America.

Stefan Lautner currently lives in Lima, Peru, to carry out Cimbria’s South American expansion strategy over the coming years.

- As one of the only European operators working in the South American market, we have a big opportunity. We are well-known for our premium equipment and turnkey solutions, which match the requirements for high-quality systems and end products in South America. The requirements are increasing very fast, and this is a perfect opportunity for us to meet these demands, says Stefan Lautner and continues:

- Specialty coffee processing is a very sensible process that requires no loss of beans and no change of taste or quality of the coffee. Cimbria has supported a strong development for local micro lot processors and specialty coffee exporters in recent years through our custom-made solutions.

So far, Cimbria has carried out projects for various plants within green coffee processing in Central and South America, including a state-of-the-art processing plant for one of Mexico’s top coffee exporting companies and the most modern coffee processing plant in Peru for Café Selva Norte.

For the Peruvian project, Cimbria built a dry mill for coffee cooperatives that collect coffee from small producers. This allows small producers access to high quality processing equipment, resulting in higher-quality coffee, reduced post-harvest loss, and improved traceability. 

- Our machinery uses highly precise separation to guarantee a very high purity in the final product. When the cooperative or client finalizes their specifications for each coffee delivery, the machinery is calibrated to achieve the highest output of their desired quality specifications, explains Stefan Lautner, and continues:

- The Café Selva Norte dry mill has two processing lines. The processing flow includes pre-cleaning, destoning, hulling, gravity separation, and color sorting, and in the end, the coffee beans are automatically being weighed and filled into bags.

Cimbria and Café Selva Norte are working closely together to ensure quality and to adapt capacity to the continuously increasing demands. 

Green coffee processing lines are created by Cimbria with cleaning, sorting and drying machines

Green coffee processed by Cimbria's cleaning, sorting and drying machinery

A green coffee processing line

Green coffee processing line with delta cleaner and bucket elevators

Green coffee processed, clean and dried