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Drum Dryer

High-temperature Dantoaster Adds Value for Feedstuffs

Drum Dryer

Drum Dryer

High-temperature Dantoaster Adds Value for Feedstuffs


  • Optimized for high temperature grain drying, sterilization, gelatinization and toasting.
  • Adds value to your end product.

Dantoaster Drum Dryer

High-temperature drying

The Dantoaster drum dryer is designed for high-temperature grain drying, sterilisation, gelatinisation and toasting of a wide range of grain types.

A heat treatment system utilising HTST processing (High-Temperature Short Time), whereby the product is heated by high-temperature air and with retention time in the drum usually between 1-10 minutes. The rotating drums ensure material movement and uniform exposure to the combination of process air and intensive infrared radiation.

Drum dryers are high capacity, high efficiency and low-cost technology for heat treatment to increase the nutritional value of feedstuff.  The Dantoaster will ensure a value-added end product, regardless of whether it is used for the production of feed for pigs, cows, mink, chickens, pet food or in the food industry for products such as breakfast cereals, sprinkles, etc.

Product Overview

Dantoaster Drum Dryer

An energy efficient and compact solution designed to meet the needs of the feed and food industry. It enhances nutritional value using HTST (High Temperature Short Time) processing. Rotating drums ensure uniform results.


Easy-to-use control for safe operation.


Options, such as coolers and spark detection systems, are available to improve safety and quality.

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