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Cimbria is one of the world’s leading companies within industrial processing, handling and storage of grain and seed, as well as animal feed, foodstuffs and other bulk products.

Cimbria and Librixer complete first-ever Swedish vegetable protein factory

Taking sustainable food production to the next level, making it even more efficient in refining crops and producing plant-based protein.

A new strategic collaboration between Librixer and Cimbria will provide a broader, more comprehensive offering, subsequently increasing customer value significantly within legume processing of plant-based protein and refine crops. Cimbria’s machinery will complete Librixer’s technological processes for its cleaning stages, vital to legume processing-related complexities. The company’s energy-efficient dry technology creates new synergies that liberate and micronize materials.

Plant-based products are growing rapidly in Sweden due to vegetable protein’s nutritional value, reduced environmental impacts, and the possibility of storing and transporting it without the energy use demands throughout the cold supply chain. GoPro opened its first Swedish factory to produce pea and bean-based protein flour with 50% protein components, ideal for vegetarians, vegans and the movement towards more sustainable food sources worldwide.

Together with our Swedish partner Librixer, specialising in engineering solutions for material dehulling, we supplied the project with specific and critical production process stages. Focusing on our key competence areas, Cimbria delivered advanced cleaning stage machinery, specifically the Destoner TS180, Delta Fine Cleaner D104, and a complete aspiration system with filters and fans. The aspiration system will improve the production process, clean the workspace, and reduce many manual cleaning operations. At full speed, the plant processes up to 3 tons per hour, and our client confirms increased business performance already, verifying the project’s success.

“Cimbria’s vision is to make sustainability and efficiency two sides of the same coin. This vision aligns perfectly with Librixer’s goal to redefine sustainability and offer solutions that increase sustainability, efficiency, and innovation. This partnership perfectly matches complementary technologies and shared values,” says Patrik Ryrberg, Sales at Librixer.

“We very much appreciate Librixer’s comminution technology which offers fantastic food production processing opportunities. This collaboration will enhance both companies’ market position to offer key customers more efficient production processes,” says Thomas Mohr, Sales Director, Grain at Cimbria.

The plant, worth 4.5 million euros, looks ahead to a more challenging food economy and is already forecast to expand the range of products to process. Cimbria will be at the side of this project, contributing its wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise to ensure its success.