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About Cimbria


Cimbria is one of the world’s leading companies within industrial processing, handling and storage of grain and seed, as well as animal feed, foodstuffs and other bulk products.

NAVZAS and Cimbria, long-term success resulting in a new pilot plant in the Czech Republic

Cimbria´s priority is to provide the best service to all customers, which is made possible with strong cooperation with key dealers who are in direct contact with and bringing our common vision closer to customers.

In the year of our 75th anniversary, we honour NAVZAS s.r.o, our respected dealer in the Czech Republic, who had the idea, the passion, and the acumen to build a brand-new showroom in Huštěnovice, officially opened on June 1st after two tough years of work.

The showroom, which is exhibiting a full Cimbria seed processing line with all production stages including conveying and elevators, is the demonstration of NAVZAS best-in-class industry expertise and its ability to provide superior customer service in the area. Indeed, the showroom features the role of a test laboratory, where clients and potential clients cannot only see functioning products in detail, but also test the machines with their own product challenges all through the processing flow. 

Cimbria and NAVZAS have been in a long-term collaboration for more than 25 years. The long experience of NAVZAS with the treatment of seeds and small seeds is due to the leading positioning of Czech Republic in the global business of poppy seeds and to major players of the sector who are part of NAVZAS client portfolio. Cimbria’s technologies, delivering consistent results and a premium positioning in the Czech market, fulfil the demand for quality and precision when it’s a matter of treating seeds of every kind. Key products within the flow are Cimbria’s optical sorters, Delta cleaners and Gravity separators, which are all necessary equipment to sort and clean small-sized seeds, as well as wheat and barley which are other important regional cultures.

“The new showroom is a great opportunity for our clients to see and test our equipment with a view on the full processing line, discussing with us the best solutions every Cimbria customer is worth of” says Mr. Vladimír Náplava, NAVZAS founder.

With 10 people employed, a warehouse dedicated to spare parts supply and a customer service available all year long, NAVZAS excels in offering full service to all Czech and Moravian clients and during the years has become a reference name for everything related to post harvest equipment. The new showroom marks NAVZAS’ will to keep investing in a growing market and becomes a key strategic asset for the development of the regional business, which already has received satisfactory feedback.

The new showroom combines Cimbria’s and NAVZAS’  technical experience acquired over the years with Cimbria’s technology and innovation to offer new opportunities of growth for customers.