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About Cimbria


Cimbria is one of the world’s leading companies within industrial processing, handling and storage of grain and seed, as well as animal feed, foodstuffs and other bulk products.

An Unparalleled Choice for the Loading of Bulk Products

Cimbria, world leader in the field of high-tech technologies and services applied to conveying of various products, for 75 years has been serving companies all over the world with specific solutions for bulk handling. The range of products offered to the cement business is named Moduflex and it is made in different lines of loading chutes, especially designed and built to ensure a perfect job in the field of limestone, fly ash, clinker, minerals, where extreme heavy-duty resistance and volume handling are mandatory.
With more than 17.000 systems sold to various industries worldwide, including the very high demanding sector of port terminals, Cimbria can profit of the experience and the firm foundation of knowledge which is of constant benefit to customers around the world who invest in bulk loading equipment.


Cleanliness, precision, safety: an authentic mantra when it comes to Moduflex, the Cimbria range of telescopic loading chutes, designed for loading dry bulk materials without any dust escape. The range has been developed to satisfy various business needs, from cement products, to industrial commodities and raw materials or chemicals and can be used permanently or for special needs. The layout of loading chutes can be adapted to tank trucks, open trucks, dumper trucks, rail cars and open/closed containers. The range also features specific solutions for ships, compliant with the port loading needs, and for loading in warehouse and stockpiling, inspired to durability and high capacity.

Indeed, the resistance is the primary feature of the range, made to ensure heavy-duty jobs and the endurance notwithstanding the extremely high-volume loading. The flexible outer chute is made by PVC-clad polyamide and it is suitable for loading not exceeding 70°. The chloroprene rubber-clad polyamide, with increased wearing qualities and protection against UV light, gives shape to solutions intended to treat products with a temperature arriving up to 130°. Inlets are provided in mild steel, stainless steel, wear-resistant steel or ceramic inserts for highly abrasive products. Heavy-duty metals are also used for the other components and especially for the outlet skirts and the supporting rings. The internal cones can be specified in nylon, mild steel, stainless steel or resistant steel depending on the usage they are addressed to. Materials, as well as design features, have been studied to solve specific issues related to operations involving different bulk products and means of transport. So the flexibility, together with the maximum sturdiness of the whole project are the real plus of this range built to fit and resist to the hardness of the heaviest works. 


The Moduflex range offers many different options specifically developed for the various bulk material applications. A specific range of accessories enhances the great versatility of these slides, which become truly "made to measure" and can be adapted to suit 99% of all known applications within the dry bulk industry, thanks to the various combinations of standard components.

The very best advantage of Moduflex is its modular structure, which ensures the client receives the solution matching his specific purpose.  For regular maintenance and in the event of accidental damage, it is only necessary to replace the affected section rather than the entire chute assembly. Besides obvious savings in direct costs, there is another important cost benefit in terms of reduced plant downtime. Furthermore, the base of standard components ensures operators that the Moduflex chutes are always built of well-founded, well-tested technology and entails quick access to standard spare parts, if a breakdown occurs.

The Moduflex loading chutes can cater for capacities up 4000 m3/h in the standard configuration, and a drop of more than 30 meters. This high level of flexibility can only be achieved using a loading chute, and is not possible with alternative loading methods. Systems are produced in sections in two standard modular lengths, 300 mm (12 in) and 600 mm (24 in) and a range of diameters determined by throughout capacity.


The Cimbria Moduflex range is specifically designed to allow the dust-free loading of bulk products. Every part of the system has been optimized so dust cannot escape from the loading solution in closed environments.  This is critical in businesses with an intrinsic risk of creating waste and dust, especially for the impact that dust can have on the quality of the loaded material, as well as on the quality of the surrounding environment and working conditions.

To prevent all risks related to dust, Moduflex is equipped with specific features to avoid dust all through the process. A range of filtration modules is offered with the inlets as an integral part of the chute, which together with a reverse jet air system produces the necessary negative pressure to return all filtered dust into the delivery stream, while the particular design of the cones ensures effective separation of the material stream from the dust-laden upward airflow.

Moduflex is widely used for the loading of tanker trucks and closed railway wagons, a challenging supply due to the number of trucks’ and wagons’ doors. Cimbria Moduflex loaders are designed to cover the hatches with an outlet cone ensuring a dust-free loading. The "secret" lies in the design of outlets that seal the opening and contains the dust inside the container, guaranteeing a safe and clean process for operators. In addition, the loading chutes are equipped with an outlet coupling fitted with three adjustment wire bushes, which are mounted to allow quick adjustments of the outlet, making sure it is in a straight horizontal position.

For port terminals, Moduflex offers applications for the tanker ship loading, which requires a transport arm with the ability to pivot up and down together with the loading, so that the chute remains in a vertical position. The different sizes of ships and the movements caused by the tide, force the precision with the height adjustment, in order to allow the correct flow of the product, minimizing the wear factor on the entrance and on the guide cones of the slide. Furthermore, loading tanker requires a wave compensator at the outlet, to even out the small movements caused by the waves, to have a constant seal between chute outlet and the tanker hatch during loading.


Cimbria is always at the forefront when it comes to optimizing and upgrading bulk loading stations. Smart solutions, often custom-made at first, are regularly added to the standard program after proven success. Thus, customers of Cimbria can always be certain to have purchased a thoroughly tested and documented products. The vast program of products is completed with a great emphasis on the consultancy approach ensuring targeted advice, enabling customers to select the very best solution to match both the specific technical and financial conditions. In addition, the after sales reaction to any issues is very quick and efficient thanks to the always in stock spare parts.