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Cimbria is one of the world’s leading companies within industrial processing, handling and storage of grain and seed, as well as animal feed, foodstuffs and other bulk products.

RWA Serbia: Elevating Seed and Food Processing with Cimbria

RWA Raiffeisen Ware Austria AG is a key player in the Austrian Raiffeisen goods organization. RWA unites Austrian Lagerhaus cooperatives voluntarily, offering comprehensive services in agriculture, technology, building materials, home and garden, energy, and more. They serve as a wholesaler and retailer, providing agricultural, technology, energy, construction, and garden products, including seeds, fertilizers, spare parts, tires, fuels, and lubricants. Their services extend throughout Austria, making them a reliable partner. RWA Srbija is a subsidiary of RWA Raiffeisen Ware Austria. Operating in Serbia for over a decade, RWA Srbija is a strong partner in agriculture. They excel in the market for agricultural seeds and are major suppliers of diverse mineral fertilizers and plant protection products. Additionally, they are significant exporters and traders of commodities such as soybeans, sunflower, rapeseed, and wheat. With a commitment to Austrian quality, RWA continuously enriches its product offerings, providing farmers with reliable seeds and plant care solutions.

Austrian company RWA (Raiffeisen Ware Austria) embarked on a transformative journey with Cimbria a decade ago. As the Serbian market flourished into a pivotal growth area, RWA made a strategic investment decision to create their own seed and food processing facilities in Serbia. The outcome? To create state-of-the-art processing plants—focusing on precision and top-quality product output—built in collaboration with Cimbria. The latest plant is in Serbia, nestled in the heart of the Vojvodina region, where black soil reigns supreme. This groundbreaking facility, with an investment of over EUR 6 million, is poised to redefine seed and food processing.

The Unveiled Groundbreaking Plant 

At the core of RWA Serbia lies a clear vision: to process seeds with unwavering precision, ensuring uncompromising quality, purity, and growth. Our mission was equally resolute: supply a plant that met RWA’s exacting standards. Designed to handle a diverse range of crops—including cereals (wheat, barley, rye, triticale), rapeseed, legumes (soybeans, peas), corn, and sunflower seeds—the facility boasts impressive capabilities. With a capacity to handle 15 t/h of cereals, 10 t/h of legumes and corn, and 5 t/h of sunflower seeds, RWA Serbia stands as a game-changer in the industry.

Cimbria Complete: Providing a full Processing line

Cimbria, together with RWA Serbia, created an innovative processing line with our state-of-the-art reliable machinery. The Processing Line has an array of cutting-edge Cimbria equipment, each meticulously crafted to elevate RWA Serbia’s seed and food processing:

  1. Delta Fine Cleaner 118: Ensuring impeccable seed quality through efficient cleaning.
  2. Indented Cylinder Battery HSR 16020 R-L: Sorting seeds with precision
  3. Gravity Separator GA 310: Separating seeds based on density, sifting out imperfections.
  4. SEA Optical Sorter: A used machine from an Austrian RWA facility, enhances seed purity with color and optical sorting technology.
  5. Centricoater CC 150: The operator sets all necessary parameters on the touch display, eg. weight, speed of drives, amount, and timing of dosing the slurries.
  6. Pendulum Bucket Elevators PBE 20: Efficient vertical conveying, gently and efficiently lifting seeds toward their destiny.
  7. Belt Conveyors GT 400 & 500: Seamless and gentle material transport, connecting the machinery across the processing line.
  8. Elevator ED 10: Vertical lifting of seeds and food
  9. Screw Conveyors SU 250: Designed for horizontal or inclined conveying.
  10. Complete Aspiration System: reduces dust emission in stores and during drying and cleaning.
  11. Grain Piping and PLC Control System: coordinating the entire operation

Our Serbian agent, Seedtech d.o.o., handled mechanical and electrical installation and steel platforms. Together, we ensured the efficiency and excellence of the complete plant set-up.

Opening Ceremony

At the beginning of June 2024, RWA Serbia hosted the opening ceremony for this Plant, which was nothing short of spectacular. During the live presentation, Mr. Goran Ristić, Head of Seed Processing at RWA Serbia, took centre stage. He unveiled the processing plant, introducing each Cimbria machine—a symphony of technology and vision. Key project stakeholders, including Cimbria, stood tall, exchanging glass trophies to symbolise gratitude and partnership. Meanwhile, a lively band played sensational music, blending international hits with Balkan tunes, as seeds swayed and dreams took flight.

This project exemplifies RWA’s commitment to quality, growth, and innovation. And for Cimbria, it’s more than machines—it’s about sowing the seeds of progress with an Expert at your side.

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