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Cimbria is one of the world’s leading companies within industrial processing, handling and storage of grain and seed, as well as animal feed, foodstuffs and other bulk products.

Turnkey Projects and Solutions with a Dedicated Dealer in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the largest country in Central Asia and has a strong agricultural workforce with growing technological investments to strengthen its growing domestic market. Therefore, the dealership agreement between Cimbria and EVS group is strategically important. 

The EVS group, comprising several domestic and international companies, has been known by the market for 50 years, thanks to its strong reputation and distribution of well-established agricultural equipment. The group has partnered with our sister company GSI for many years and recently joined Cimbria to fulfil projects that combine seed processing equipment with high volume storage supply. 

The EVS Group’s turnkey provider capabilities focus on pre-sales consultancy and after-sales support powered by a dedicated team. Construction work options complete the offer, made possible by a network of building companies, permission paperwork management, and financial advice. All these aspects are inspired by a desire to optimize the company’s service for clients and share Cimbria’s commitment to be “an expert at your side”. 

EVS Group’s 360° seed and grain processing knowledge has been valuable in the pre-cleaning and fine cleaning areas, thanks to its vast experience in wheat, barley, maize, and edible crop processing. This experience today applies to the fastest-growing oil production business, especially sunflower and rapeseed oils, where Cimbria’s delta cleaners, destoners, graders, and sorting equipment are best in class. 

Agriculture in Kazakhstan has a bright future, and the Cimbria/EVS Group partnership is a notable reference point in the region. The collaboration with Cimbria results from a strong, complementary skillset that provides maximum value to the market. With a growing team of 20 people focusing on customer satisfaction, EVS Group has shown great passion and drive for innovation.