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Modular Ear Corn Dryers

During the last couple of years we have succeeded in transferring the basic elements of the silo design to dryers for ear corn. The dryers are built as modular chamber dryers in two ways: either as single-pass reverse dryers or double-pass reverse dryers.

Single-pass dryers have an individual fan and heating source (gas or hot water) for each cell, whereas double-pass dryers’ chambers have common heating and ventilation, and air passes from one bin to the next.

The dryer walls are made of trapezoidal steel profiles with a smooth section in the connection between the wall and bottom. The inclined bottom is made of perforated sheet which allows drying air to pass through, and the dryer deck is made of chequer plate.

Filling takes place from the top through the deck, and the cells are fitted with filling chutes that slow the descent of the product. The product outlet from the dryer is either to the outside or into the centre.

Design and supply of steel construction, roof construction, access, etc., are performed according to individual design.

On double-pass dryers heating and fans are mounted at the end of the dryer, whilst on single-pass dryers heating and fans are on the side of the dryer cells.