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Cimbria is one of the world’s leading companies within industrial processing, handling and storage of grain and seed, as well as animal feed, foodstuffs and other bulk products.



Delta HMI offers a new way to digitize production

Our Delta series of screen cleaners are excellent for the efficiency and purity cleaning of all kinds of crops such as grain, garden seeds, grass seeds, flower seeds, corn, and leguminous seeds can now be mounted with a new intuitive, efficient, and user-friendly HMI screen.

It features an advanced interactive 9-inch touch panel for recipe handling, alarm notifications, maintenance, and PDF viewing enabling you to easily set up recipes with single passwords. 

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Operate smarter with a retrofit!

Already a lucky owner of a Delta Screen Cleaner?

Upgrade your Delta Screen Cleaner now with the brand-new HMI control to operate smarter. Let the brand-new LCD touchscreen push your production capabilities into a new digital era. Installing the new HMI control on your Delta Cleaner will provide you with several benefits at your fingertip. 

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Work smarter. Simplify your operation.

Digitally preset to change products fast and easily with minimum waste.
Stay dialed in without the dial. Stay in control from anywhere with remote connectivity.
Alarm notifications from I/O's for easier monitoring and fault finding.
Preventive maintenance with timer-based notifications keeps your cleaners running smoothly.

Bringing humans and machines closer

Powered by an advanced next-gen Siemens PLC, our OPC UA-compatible Delta HMI pushes your production capabilities into a new digital era.​

Our advanced HMI technology brings Delta machines closer to humans, providing a more intuitiveefficient, and user-friendly interface. The latest software makes your operations run smoother and more successful. ​

Experience the enhanced customer experience with the new Delta HMI. Enjoy a wider screenbrighter colours, and an intuitive user path. Plus, you’ll be able to easily set up recipes with single passwords and remotely monitor conditions with the internal processor.

  > Recipe control​

  > Alarm notification​

  > PDF viewer for the user manual​

  > OPC UA compatible

  > Remote connectivity (optional)

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