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Case History: Silo Facilities for Fish Feed at Cargill

From a Cargill Aqua Nutrition subsidiary in Norway, EWOS, we have received an order for a finished product silo for storing fish pellets before shipping.

The site is situated in the very north of Norway, close to Tromsø in the town of Bergneset, where EWOS has one of its three production locations for fish feed in Norway.

The plant consists of a silo system with 27 silo cells. The silo has been raised, with a steel deck being mounted at a height of approx. 6 m. Below the deck, there will be a flat storage area for storing big-bags. As the silo is designed for storage of fish feed pellets, the importance of gentle handling of the product has very high priority.

After the feed pellets leave the production department, they will be sifted on two sieves mounted in a tower above the silo. After the sieves, there are buffer bins and the pellets are transported from here to the storage bins by a robot car.

In the silo cells, speed retarder chutes will be mounted to ensure that absolutely no unwanted breakages or similar occur. Below the silo, belts will be mounted for onward transport to an existing ship-loader.

As the silo is due to be installed so close to the sea, the silo walls and decks will be delivered as hot-dip galvanized. Even though the silo will be clad, a decision was made to go for galvanized surface treatment in order to provide as much protection for the steel as possible.

The galvanized treatment was approved in order to ensure suitability for storage of feed.