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Cimbria è una delle aziende leader a livello mondiale nella lavorazione, movimentazione e stoccaggio industriale di cereali e semi, mangimi per animali, alimenti e altri prodotti sfusi.

Cimbria affirms its focus on sustainability with new Bamboo Chain Conveyor

Cimbria has been driven by innovation throughout its 75 years history. Today, we are happy to deliver another innovation supporting a better environment in a rapidly changing global industry: a new eco-attentive product for the feed industry, using sustainable materials for chain conveyors.

The opportunity was born when Felleskjøpet Rogaland Agder (FKRA), one of the leading suppliers in the agricultural sector in Norway, asked us to reduce the presence of micro plastics within their supply chain.

FKRA joined the Ethical Trading Initiative (IEH) in 2013. The membership shows their commitment to continuously improve environmental conditions, in line with basic ILO standards and United Nations conventions.

Within this commitment, suppliers must work to improve their products to achieve high levels of sustainability and replace plastic components with organic parts, where possible.

That’s why Cimbria has developed an innovative feature in chain conveyors. We are now utilizing sustainable raw materials to replace PE-HD plastic plates with bamboo plates.

As a result, the new Bamboo Chain Conveyor is the first conveyor on the market able to reduce the presence of micro plastics in the fish feeding supply chain.

The Cimbria Bamboo Chain Conveyor offers a range of features, which makes it ideal for that industry. It includes maximum wear resistance, smoother operation and lower noise for a better workplace environment.

Collaborating with clients to ensure high-quality products has always been Cimbria’s best way to drive results. It positively impacts business and the environment. Both teams share the same vision for the future and for society.

With the bamboo chain conveyor, Cimbria strengthens its commitment to put resources in place and provide the best solutions for our customers, while serving the planet. It is in line with our promise to be “an Expert at your side”.

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