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Cimbria è una delle aziende leader a livello mondiale nella lavorazione, movimentazione e stoccaggio industriale di cereali e semi, mangimi per animali, alimenti e altri prodotti sfusi.

Bratney Companies going mobile for safety and social distancing during COVID

As COVID quickly shut down the USA market except for essential business travel.  A plan was devised so we could provide interaction with clients who are not allowed to travel.

A 6-meter curtain side trailer was set-up with generator, lighting and all safety features needed to visit clients on site and highlight Cimbria technology face to face.  Taking it one level better than on-line presentations in the age of COVID.

As we all know before clients make a capital purchase decision they want to see, touch, and evaluate the equipment before final approval.

This is especially true with color sorter technology that can vary greatly in terms of design features.

One of our big successes was Jason Taylor of Taylor Seed Farms in White Cloud, Kansas.  An innovative  regional family owned seed company providing corn and soybean seed.

Jason and his team were in the process of deciding to replace their Buhler Z+ series as they wanted to improve their sorting capability.  With limited travel they were in the process of evaluating technology via on-line resources.    With lack of choices they were going to proceed with a newer Buhler technology until they had the opportunity to see the Cimbria Chromex and test their product on-site with their plant personnel.

After the test the client decided within one week to stop his previous purchase decision and move forward with the Cimbria Chromex.

“Thanks to the mobile demonstration I was able to see and purchase the best technology available on the market for corn and soybean needs.  The Cimbria Chromex is the best performing technology with user-friendly controls, and easy access to all areas of the machine for kernel-clean and serviceability”

Family owned McKillip Seed expands capabilities with new seed production line

McKillip Seeds is a long-standing family owned company established in 1934 in Wabash, Indiana.

They are part of the AG Venture Group which is a network of independent dealers nationwide with access to some of the top performing seed genetics.

Specializing in corn, soybeans, wheat, and alfalfa seed.

In 2019 we were approached about developing a turn-key design and engineering of a new seed line.

Process flows and goals were discussed and after testing the combination of Cimbria Delta Super Cleaner technology that has high screening efficiency, bottom air positive lifting fans for low density product combined with the Cimbria SEA Chromex color sorter using high resolution cameras and a special design flow that eliminated the need for a density separator.

With this design investment needs were reduced as the density separator requires a substantial amount of aspiration, physical space, operating and maintenance cost.  While also reducing the air permitting needs for the local government authorities.

This innovative concept allowed the client to proceed with the project and meet their 2020 harvest deadline.


Expanded Food Applications

The Cimbria product lines continue to evolve and expand to include further downstream food users.

One of these examples is the Cimbria Heid Centri-Coater.  With this unit we have designed and implemented systems food processors need for mixing and blending of their unique products.  While maintaining food cleanliness and sanitation.

Many of the innovative features include carbide steel liners, automated cleaning system, heating system for maximizing drum temperature for addition of product, and larger drive systems for higher bulk density product.

This “food” grade coater system design has led to large multiple orders and installation of this unit for 2020.