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Cimbria — одна из ведущих мировых компаний в области промышленной переработки, обработки и хранения зерна и семян, а также кормов для животных, пищевых продуктов и других сыпучих продуктов.

Case History: Watchdog on Duty

The Cimbria Temperature Monitoring System (TMS) is a wellknown and valued product recognised for its high reliability, easy installation and operation.

With reference to these parameters, Cimbria was contacted by Oleum, a Belgium-based, family-owned business with several years of experience in the production of vegetable oils for industrial use. Oleum needed a temperature monitoring system to provide high security for the storage of valuable materials in their 60 silo installations. However, before committing to the complete order, Oleum decided to install Cimbria Unitest 5G software in one of its square silos to ensure that the system provided the necessary security and covered its requirements for safe storage of oil seed crops. After thoroughly testing the system for a period of time, the final order for the remaining 59 silos was placed.

The Cimbria Unitest 5G system provided Oleum with several great features, including the ability to set temperature for each individual sensor (not just in each silo), setting of DELTA alarm, various printing and language configurations and much more.

The feedback from the customer, however, was that the most important feature was an automatically generated e-mail that was received every day showing a graphical overview of all temperatures in the silos. This feature also meant that even during weekends, when no employees were at work, Oleum could be sure that the Cimbria Unitest system never failed to do its duty.