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Cimbria — одна из ведущих мировых компаний в области промышленной переработки, обработки и хранения зерна и семян, а также кормов для животных, пищевых продуктов и других сыпучих продуктов.

Case History: Increased Activities in the Baltic States

Cimbria’s partner in the Baltic States, “Dotnuva Baltic”, achieved great success over a long period of years and is today the leading provider of agricultural solutions for the grain and seed industry in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The range of Dotnuva Baltic’s activities and services includes seeds, machinery, farming and grain equipment, as well as drawing up of proposals, designing plants, carrying out installation and after-sales service. With a strong local set-up on the market and the ability to offer a full package solution, Dotnuva Baltic has secured a solid positon as a preferred supplier in the Baltic States. 2017 was particularly intense for the team of Cimbria and “Dotnuva Baltic“, as they were involved in implementing several grain storage projects in the Baltic States, with most of the installations built in Lithuania.

Record-breaking grain yields in the last few years have encour¬aged farmers and companies engaged in the trade of grain to invest in grain silo plants. Three new Cimbria silo installations were completed in Lithuania in 2017, augmented by extensions to four previously installed facilities. Many orders were received from farmers, with more than twenty grain handling projects of various size and capacity being built.

Furthermore, two turnkey silo plants were successfully implemented in which Dotnuva Baltic was responsible for everything from design/engineering, construction of the foundations, equipment supply, installation and automation.

The capacity of grain silos built by Dotnuva Baltic UAB in 2017 exceeded 130,000 tonnes, while the total capacity of grain stores established by the company since 1999, when the company was first involved in the business, is approximately 1 million tonnes. In recent years, the total quantity of grain harvested in Lithuania has been more than 6 million tonnes – which means that close on one fifth of total grain yield in Lithuania is stored in grain stores built by Dotnuva Baltic.

The year ahead will be no less intense – four contracts for industrial grain elevators have already been signed and construction work has been commenced. Difficult harvesting conditions in 2017 have encouraged grain growers to continue to invest in grain dryers, silo projects and cleaning machines. Cimbria equipment has a good reputation and is well known in the Baltic, and it is to be expected that grain growers will continue to choose this equipment, since it is recognised as being amongst the best in the market.

Cimbria was established in 1947 and is today an international organisation with 900 employees in 30 companies throughout the world. Since 2016, Cimbria has been a part of AGCO corp. Cimbria offers storage, equipment and processing plants for the grain and seed industry and transport and conveying equipment for bulk handling. The company has an experienced, highly qualified workforce, its own development and construction department and modern production facilities, which enable it to construct and manufacture all of the solutions in accordance with the individual requirements of each client. Further information can be obtained on