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Cimbria — одна из ведущих мировых компаний в области промышленной переработки, обработки и хранения зерна и семян, а также кормов для животных, пищевых продуктов и других сыпучих продуктов.

Case History: Seed Processing Line for Sprouts

In recent years a significant number of Italian seed companies have been gravitating towards the edible seeds segment, a trend that also applies to Cooperativa Agricola Cesenate, a well-organised company located in northern Italy.

Our goal was to provide them with a plant that could process seeds for human consumption oriented towards the sprout market.

We designed a small but complete line that includes a Delta, Super Cleaner, De-stoner, Indent Cylinder, Gravity Table and Pixel Optical Sorter. Four elevators and one belt conveyor integrate the line, and these have been produced with FDA belts and FDA-approved paint for the legs, bottom and top of the bucket elevator. The elevators have also been provided with pneumatic blast cleaning so as to enable varieties to be changed every 4 hours, whilst at the same time avoiding undesired seed contamination.

We once again installed our big-bag metal structure, while for the first time we provided the line with one TN3 aspirator in order to remove dust after the initial phase of the process. Results are excellent and keep the area most at risk of explosion in a relatively safe state.

The entire line processes different varieties of seeds: alfalfa, cabbage, radish, watercress, rocket, etc. The selection line was put into operation two months ago, returning excellent results in terms of seed cleaning performance.