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Compact Container Processing Plants

Cimbria offers the world’s very first compact processing plant that is fully pre-assembled and tested in the factory for shipment to clients around the globe.

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Happy Growing Story

Cimbria and our customers share beautiful stories; extraordinary and exciting stories about human collaboration and respect for nature, about a vision for industry which has been planted, watered and nurtured like a precious seed.

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Who is Cimbria?

Cimbria is one of the world’s leading companies within industrial processing, handling and storage of grain and seed, as well as animal feed, foodstuffs and other bulk products.

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A selected overview of supplied orders from around the world, from Turnkey plants and processing lines to drying and storage installations and equipment supplied cleaning and conveying a broad variety of crops and products.

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State-of-the-art seed processing technology in Argentina

Bratney Companies provided state-of-the-art Cimbria Heid coating and drying system for Los Prados Semillas Forrajeras

Cimbrias partner, Bratney Companies, who covers the market in US and Argentina, provided state-of-the-art Cimbria Heid coating and drying system for Los Prados Semillas Forrajeras located at Firmat in the Santa Fe Province of Argentina.

Los Prados is a company with more than half a century of experience of bringing quality forage seeds such as grass, alfalfa, clover and fine seeds to its end users in Argentina, the Americas and Europe.

The Bratney Argentina office of Jorge Garcia, Gustavo Mino and Walter Gomez was contacted to provide a complete system for incrustation of their valuable seeds.

As a cooperative team, a system designed, engineered and installed to meet the client’s end goals for their growing markets.

The system consists of a CC150 WG with integrated pumps and loss in weight powder feeder systems.

After the coating process, a Jog Conveyor Dryer JCD 1250 is used to dry the product to an acceptable level for storage and bagging. The JCD 1250 provided not only heating and cooling, but also integrated scalping and sifting of the product in a single unit.

The system helped the client continue its growth and provided a great return on investment.


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