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New organic grain processing plant in Austria

Cimbria succeeded in installing the plant ready for full operation just in time for the 2019 harvest.

Organic grain for healthy food – New processing plant for Raiffeisen Ware in Austria

Raiffeisen Ware Austria (RWA) is the major player in the Austrian grain and seed business, also holding a strong market position in surrounding countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Its constant ambition for improvement in terms of economic efficiency and increased vigour for the production of organic crops for the food industry resulted in the company deciding to install a brand new seed processing plant for organic grain and bakery seeds in Korneuburg close to Vienna, where the new headquarters will be opened in 2021 and staffed by more than 600 employees.

The first section of the plant consists of 2 reception lines, one with an intake pit for trucks tilting sideways and one with an intake pit for trucks tilting backwards. Reception capacity is set at 30 t/h. Subsequently, belt conveyors and pendulum bucket elevators gently convey the product to the pre-cleaning unit, which contains an aspirator AS 1.250. In fact, this is a genuine machine, consisting of the feeding and pre-suction unit of our Delta cleaner, enabling the client to quickly remove light impurities from the incoming product, and without the need to clean the machine when changing varieties in the plant. Subsequently, the pre-cleaned product is filled in boxes or goes straight to the fine cleaning section.

The latter is built up with a Delta 184 de-awner, a Delta 118 fine cleaner, two special TR 1290 indent cylinders (with vibratory trough) and 2 GA 210 parallel gravity separators. The complete line is capable of processing 20 t/h in wheat. The line is laid out in a steel tower with 2 floors, thus ensuring quick access and sufficient space for cleaning and maintenance around each machine. Cimbria screen racks, as well as special racks for segments of indent cylinders and decks of gravity separators, round off the installation and optimize storage and access for these vital accessories.

After the fine cleaning process, the product can be filled in boxes or big bags, all controlled by platform scales combined with a large and fine flow dosing system. Another option is to automatically bag off and palletize the seeds in paper or plastic bags. Bulk loading of pre-cleaned seeds is the third option for load-out of product in this facility.

The aspiration system of the plant consists of 4 single lines, each with a bag filter with automatic cleaning system and the option of either exhausting the cleaned air to the atmosphere during summertime (to prevent heat accumulation in the building) or back into the building in wintertime (air recycling to keep the working area warm). The cleaned air after the filter is guaranteed to contain no more than 1 mg dust per m³ of air, thus making it absolutely suitable for human inhalation. 

Cimbria succeeded in installing the plant ready for full operation just in time for the 2019 harvest, where an opening ceremony with more than 400 guests was held.


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