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Austrian Silo plant for biological products

Together, Cimbria and GSI have delivered a silo plant in for Saatbau Erntegut, a branch of Saatbau Linz.

Cimbria and GSI have together delivered a silo plant in Austria for Saatbau Erntegut, a branch of Saatbau Linz. Saatbau Linz is one of the major operators in the Austrian grain business, with growing focus on organically farmed crops. The rising demand for organic food encouraged Saatbau Erntegut to invest in a new, powerful reception and storage facility in the eastern part of Austria – more specifically in the Pannonian Basin, one of the major growing areas for cereals, sunflower and maize. 
The intake section of the plant consists of two parallel reception lines, each with an L-shaped intake pit for side-tipping and back-tipping trucks, as well as a pre-cleaning unit for each line. One Delta cleaner 157 and one conical air sifter are in the pre-cleaning tower. Cimbria Chain Conveyors and Bucket Elevators subsequently convey the product to GSI silos at an hourly capacity of 120 t/h per line. 
Within the silo section, which has a total holding capacity of 15,000 t, there are 4 major silo blocks with the following configuration:
● 5 round hopper silos with a holding capacity of 375 t each, mainly used as wet cells prior to drying
● 20 round hopper silos of 615 t each, used as main storage bins
● 1 round hopper silo for 520 t, used as a day bin prior to load-out 
● 6 square silos of 65 t each, mainly used as load-out bins for the bulk loading unit
The drying section consists of a Cimbria ALG 18 Continuous Flow Dryer for indirect heating with gas, drying 45 t/h wheat from 19% to 15%, and 15 t/h wet maize from 25% to 14%.  
Shortly after commissioning, the customer confirmed that the plant has already been accepted – and indeed preferred – by surrounding farmers due to the fact that it has an extremely high reception capacity, thus avoiding waiting times for the farmers during the stressful harvesting period. 
Located just 20 minutes from Vienna’s international airport, we hope to have a lot of guests from all around the world come to visit this plant in the future.  



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