A new start in glass sorting

Nowadays, electronic sorting represents an essential phase of any container and flat glass recycling process.

SEA VETRO offers the latest and best-performing RGB Full-Colour technology to sort CSP (ceramic, stone, porcelain) and other contaminants, as  well as for colour sorting glass cullet sized 1-50 mm into flint, amber and green. Moreover, a special SEA VETRO model is dedicated to leaded glass separation.

Available in M (medium) and L (large) versions for different production capacities, SEA VETRO is equipped with a horizontal vibrator to allow the most accurate feeding. In its standard version, SEA VETRO is available in a 2-way version, with two outlets for accept and reject fractions. The 3-way version, with two lines of ejectors, separates the material into three streams in a single pass.

A metal detector is available as an option.

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