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A selected overview of supplied orders from around the world, from Turnkey plants and processing lines to drying and storage installations and equipment supplied cleaning and conveying a broad variety of crops and products.

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Every year Cimbria participates in trade shows all over the world.  Here, you will meet local representatives of Cimbria products with comprehensive technical knowledge of the products being exhibited.

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Yet another busy year for Modulflex

Cimbria is a market leader within dry bulk loading with its brand Moduflex

Cimbria is a market leader within dry bulk loading and once again had a busy year with Moduflex loading chutes. Modulflex includes all types of loading chutes, both with and without integrated filter, various sizes and for many different products, such as grain, animal feed, lime, cement, foodstuffs, chemical products, fly ash, etc. The loading chutes sold include a mix of larger loading chutes for discharge into ships and warehouses, although the majority are for unloading into trucks and train wagons. The bulk market year of 2018 had a great willingness to invest in new silos and to upgrade discharging terminals at manufacturers of bulk goods.

Delivery of filter loading chute to Germany
Cimbria's dealer in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for Moduflex loading chutes, Agrichema GmbH, received an enquiry from a firm that wanted a loading solution for PVC powder.

As it was in the chemical industry, all parts which had contact with the chemical compound had to be produced in stainless steel. In addition, the design was required to be explosion-proof in accordance with the applicable ATEX directive. The customer also required a solution with integrated filter; the final choice fell on the type K300, where there is a filter built into the side of the inlet. In addition to the stainless steel parts, the loading chutes have antistatic modules and FlexClose cones, which prevent waste and foreign bodies getting into the loading chutes when not in operation. The loading chutes are also equipped with a complete control unit and pendant control station for operation of each chute. Loading capacity is 40 t/h, corresponding to 80 m3/h.

The order consisted of 16 loading chutes and Cimbria won the order due to a technically superior solution.

Project for Vestjysk Andel in Vildbjerg, Denmark
At the end of 2017, Danish Randers Møllebyggeri contacted Cimbria as they were set to make a bid for a major refurbishment of the loading hall at Vestjysk Andel (Vildbjerg Mill).

Organic animal feed is the handled product at this mill, which demands strict segregation of types of feed. The feed is primarily loaded into road tankers. In the loading hall, which has 20 loading points in 4 loading lanes, brand new equipment was required in three of the lanes. The order consisted of 16 loading chutes type S300, 16 Q30 shutters, 21 Q40 shutters and 16 inlet hoppers in different dimensions. All 16 loading chutes were identical constructed in normal steel with internal guide cones in ultramid. Furthermore, the loading chutes are supplied with a complete control unit and with pendant control stations adapted to each loading lane, in addition to which operation of the shutters is integrated such that they open and close on the individual silo depending on the choice that the operator makes. Delivery took place in September/October and the project was operational by the end of October 2018.

Loading chutes for a feed factory in Poland
Budowa Tasomix  contacted Cimbria Unigrain's dealer in Poland, Buttimer Polska, at the beginning of 2018. The request came for 12 loading chutes. The loading chutes were required for feed conveying at the construction of a new loading terminal. 

The factory in Pionki, close to Radom, will be the most modern feed factory in Poland, primarily producing feed for poultry and pigs. Production capacity will be around 360 thousand tons per year. The production facility in Pionki will supply feed to pig and poultry producers in southern and central Poland.

All 12 loading chutes are identical. They were constructed in normal steel with internal guide cones in ultramid. The loading chutes are also equipped with FlexClose cones, which prevent product losses and ingress by insects, etc., when the loading chutes are not in operation. Furthermore, the customer wanted the chute modules to be produced in a material approved for foodstuffs and demanded that they should be antistatic. In order to prevent the buildup of static electricity, the loading chutes are fitted with an earth cable with a clamp that can connect to the road tanker during loading. The delivered loading chutes come with a complete control unit and control panel. Moduflex loading chutes are used to load the finished animal feed into closed road tankers.

Delivery took place in September 2018 and the loading chutes are now operational.

The future looks bright with delivery of loading chute number 16,000

Cimbria has delivered loading chute number 16,000 to Agrichema GmbH in Germany. Agrichema is a long-standing dealer that covers Germany, Austria and Switzerland and has sold over 1950 belts over the past 30 years. The chutes are a type of H300THXL-12 in stainless steel used for loading dry bulk into tank trucks.

Cimbria has produced and sold loading chutes since 1977. The chutes are for loading dry bulk such as grain, biomass, cement, lime, grain, feed, fly ash and a lot more. Most loading chutes are sold through retailers and directly to end customers integrated in a turnkey solutions and projects. An example is the project in Egypt, where the turnkey plant included over 100 chutes.


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