Temperature and Management Systems

Temperature and Management Systems

Optimisation through control and monitoring
Grains are living organisms that ”breathe” – and during the breathing process, their nutrients are broken down into carbon dioxide, water and heat. This is the start of the vicious circle which causes the quality of the crop to deteriorate. The most important parameter in the process control is the temperature of the grain. Controlling the temperature – in combination with a number of other factors – is of decisive importance for how much of the nutrient value of a grain is lost during e.g. drying or storage.

The temperature monitoring systems (TMS) are incorporated as natural elements in our solution for temperature management and control. The temperature limits differ from one grain sort to another, and they must be defined very carefully and precisely for every project. These figures must be defined and coded at the installation of a plant - and at the same time, the temperature fluctuations are determined i.e. the tolerances which the temperature may fluctuate within during the process without the quality of the grain deteriorating. After that, the systems provide automatic monitoring and regulation of the temperature and ventilation of the grain.

The latest generation of monitoring system provides the customer with the possibility of integrating it with the Cimbria Inventory management system (IMS). The IMS is the first independent stock management system of its kind and were developed to incorporate all grading criteria and daily transactional information from clients into a complete solution. The IMS software functions as the front end to an in-bin laser architecture which provides continued measurements on stock levels inside the grain storage bins or warehouses. All movements within storage bins are recorded on a single bin history page and compared daily with the matching transactions for the relative vessel.   

Cimbria has a long standing experience in the grain business and has supplied temperature monitoring systems in more than 80 countries. This guarantees that our client receives the right counselling, the right application as well as the right quality ensuring the most efficient and secure storage of grain.

Product overview - Temperature and Management Systems

Cimbria Temperature and Management product overview

Iventory management systems
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Temperature monitoring systems
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