Chain conveyors

Chain conveyors

Simplicity and safety
The Cimbria chain conveyors are ideal for horizontal and inclined conveying of products demanding a completely closed dustproof transport such as grain, pellets and shavings.

The main feature is the chain which is manufactured in special steel with welded flights, and fitted with hardened steel bushes. A number of flights are complete with plastic flaps, which clean the bottom of the conveyor box. The chain can be supplied with return buckets for return transport of material in the conveyor.

Both in our design of system solutions and in our development of individual units, we systematically strive for simplicity. A clear example of this is the angle chain conveyor which is suitable for work at different angles and often takes products from one machine to the next at different levels.  Another example is the trapezoid conveyor which, due to its trapezoid formed bottom and flights, ensures that the conveyor is running totally empty.

The Cimbria chain conveyors are manufactured in a modular system and can be supplied in the exact required length. They are available with various accessories making them suitable for special applications, and with additional features which raise the level of safety.  The Cimbria chain conveyors are manufactured in 8 sizes with capacities ranging from 60 to 1.300 m³/h.

The chain conveyors are naturally designed according to valid norms and regulations, and delivered with mandatory documentation. Furthermore, the chain conveyors can be delivered in full compliance with the ATEX-directive.

Product overview - Chain conveyors

Cimbria Chain conveyors product overview

32 Trapezoid Chain Conveyor RS.pdf
33 Angled Conveyor.pdf
341 Chain Conveyor RL and RM -Drive terminal and Chain.pdf
3421 Chain Conveyor RL RM In line shutter.pdf
342 Chain Conveyor Shutter RL and RM.pdf
343 Chain Conveyor Inlet RL and RM.pdf
345 Explosion relief venting on chain conveyor.pdf
346 Supports for chain conveyors and belt conveyors GT400 500 650.pdf
34 Chain Conveyor RL and RM.pdf
46 1 Waste conveyor RW30 tech description.pdf
46 Waste conveyor RW30.pdf

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